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Diamond tools for flat glass processing

DIACON + POLICON TOOLS® offers diamond tools,polishing tools and agents of well known suppliers, e.g. Mole Moreschi, Marrose Abrasives, Dogo, Belfortglass and RBM. We provide high performance quality products at a favourable price. Approximately 400 satisfied customers in the glass processing trade have experienced our know how and competence concerning tools for grinding, milling, drilling, sawing and polishing. Our customers benefit from our service where they receive everything from one source. Diamond tools for flat glass processing Furthermore we provide second hand machines for glass processing and spare parts in particular for the German brand Bodo Gerhard. Our warehouse for diamond tools is located in Winsen/Aller, approximately 40 km north of Hanover. You can also visit us at our booth on the international trade fairs Glasstec in Düsseldorf/Germany and Vitrum in Milan/Italy.

Diamant- und Polierwerkzeuge namhafter Lieferanten

We would like to make you an offer for diamond tools, polishing tools and further fittings for glass processing. DIACON + POLICON TOOLS answers your questions – get in contact with us.


In February 2002 Michael Contreras decided to found DIACON + POLICON TOOLS®. After 18 years work experience and knowledge of the trade (sales department and technical advice) working for a well known German manufacturer of glass processing machines (Bodo Gerhard G-B-M GmbH, Celle) it was impossible to turn the back on the glass trade. All the contacts over the years have been too positive and friendly. Immediately some manufacturers of tools decided to assign us the right of sale for Germany and other German speaking areas due to our competence. We would especially like to thank the following companies: Mole Moreschi from Italy, Marrose Abrasives from the United Kingdom and Dogo, also from Italy, as we have cooperated with them right from the beginning

We are capable of offering you the most efficient products for the best price. Our renowned suppliers provide good and efficient quality products made in EU-countries. Approximately 400 customers regularly buy from us and get our advice – because our experience and competence has convinced them.

Today we can offer the complete range of tools for grinding, milling, drilling, sawing and polishing for the glass processing trade. Right from the start it was important to us to offer our customers a service for everything on grinding and polishing of glass from one source.

In Winsen/Aller we maintain our own warehouse; we also have access to our business partners stock via internet. The shipment is usually done with UPS. Once a year we attend an international trade fair, where we can show you our business associates products and explain them to you. These fairs are Glasstec in Düsseldorf/Germany and Vitrum in Milan/Italy.
Einmal im Jahr sind wir für Sie auf der Messe, dort können Sie sich auch die Produkte unserer Partner zeigen und erklären lassen. Diese Messen sind die Glasstec in Düsseldorf und in Mailand die Vitrum.

Diamond tools

There is a wide selection of diamond tools available today for effectively processing flat glass. As your supplier we can offer you an extensive range of precision tools for different stages of processing, such as cup wheels or peripheral wheels, CNC-processing wheels with bore holder or R1/2“ drill point holder, diamond core drill bits, counter sinks, milling cutters or saw blades. The diamonds are incorporated in various bonding (metal sinter, resin or galvanic). For this bonding we can provide suitable dressing sticks.

Diamantwerkzeuge in großer Auswahl

Polishing tools and agents

Polierwerkzeuge und Poliermittel

Our polishing wheels enable you to polish the glass edges on your machines perfectly. We can provide the right wheels for every possible task.

Our competent suppliers have specialised on the production of cup wheels and peripheral wheels.

The wheels can be obtained as a ring for glueing or as a cup wheel or peripheral wheel, whichever you prefer. At present we can supply wheels with a diameter of 18 mm up to 250 mm.

Section of polishing cup wheels

Polishing peripheral wheels for CNC processing

Cup wheels have proved themselves on vertical grinders and double-edge grinders for years. They are produced with a diameter of 75 mm up to 170 mm. We supply them with different types of bores according to the machine requirements. Some cup wheels can be ordered with a reinforced base plate on demand. These cup wheels last longer and remain torsionfree underneath the glass edge; therefore the glass edge can be worked on in the best possible way.
Gruppe der Polierwerkzeuge

Polishing cup wheels in rubber bonding

Usually we can supply the so called rubber bonding in grit sizes 40, 46, 60, 80, 120 and 180. These wheels provide an excellent pre-polishing result. According to the type of machine and thickness of glass the wheels may be fitted individually.
Poliertopfscheiben in Gummibindung

Polishing wheels in resin bonding

Cup wheels in resin bonding are nearly always used for the arris. These wheels produce an exact arris, which does not polish the surface. According to your requests there are wheels in the shape of an arris cup wheel that simultaneously grind and polish by using a coarser type of grit or a different sort of wheel which is solely for the fine polishing process after the grinding (very fine grit).

Polishing cup wheels in cerium bonding

Cerium wheels are meant to give the preground glass a high gloss finish. There are different polishing wheels containing varying amounts of cerium oxyd (rare earths) available. The spindle speed of your machine always needs to be taken into consideration.
Poliertopfscheiben in Ceriumbindung

Felt wheels and polishing agents (cerium oxyd)

The best high gloss finish is received by using felt wheels in conjunction with cerium powder dissolved in a water emulsion. This technique is absolutely necessary for bevelling and increasingly for high quality edging. We can provide cerium powder in different varieties in packages of 25 kg.
Filzscheiben und Poliermittel (Ceriumoxid)

Polishing peripheral wheels for CNC processing

Peripheral wheels can be supplied with the same bonding and varieties as our cup wheels. As a customer you can choose the size (Ø), thickness or breadth and the bore in order to get exactly the right tools for your requirements. For double-edge grinding plants usually long lasting rubber bonds are the best choice, but a polish with cerium is also possible. Especially for CNC centres we can recommend so called ´BD wheels´, easily recognized by their red-brown colour. This sort of wheel will give a good to excellent polishing result in connection with a varying spindle speed.

Polierumfangscheiben auch für CNC-Bearbeitung

Preprofiled polishing peripheral wheels

For certain types of glass edges, e.g. 45°-bevel and fluted bevel we supply preprofiled polishing wheels that are able to start working on the edge immediately and are very cost effectively. There is no need for your staff to laboriously prepare the required profile beforehand. You can also order the ´simpler´ types of edge profiles in a preprofiled variety. The wheels may be used straightaway without any time consuming preparations.
Vorprofilierte Polierumfangscheiben

Deletion wheel for stripping the coating of flat glass (Low-E)

When coated glass (e.g. Low-E) is used for processing insulated glass, the coating/sputtering of the edges of the glass surface must be removed. This is done with a specially rubberized grinding wheel in varying grits (46 – 150) and sizes (Ø). We can supply the appropriate deletion wheels for your machines.
Schleifscheibe für die Entschichtung von Flachglas (Low-E)

Tools for manual tasks and grinding belts


Several aids for arrising or working in inaccessible places to get to the required standard are available.

We can supply hand pads, abrasive sleeves, diamond hand files, grinding discs, and the customary grinding and polishing belts.

Flexible hand pads

Flexible hand pads

Flexible diamond coated hand pads are available in different dimensions (90 x 55 mm is the favourite size) and shapes in various grit sizes ranging from very coarse (green), coarse (black), medium (red) and fine (yellow) to the very fine in white and blue. These pads are suitable for reprofiling edges and breaking off sharp edges.

Flexible diamond discs

Flexible discs with diamond coating are available in diameters of appr. 75 mm up to 600 mm. They are fastened via velcro backing, self adhesive backing, magnetic foil or d-loc backing. They are supplied in the same grit sizes as our hand pads (from green – very coarse to blue – very fine). These diamond discs are used on electrical appliances for quick effective operating.

Flexible Schleifteller

Grinding belts

We can supply the customary silicium-carbide type and polishing belts made of cork. Trizact-belts for very fine edges and also extremely long lasting abrasion resistant diamond grinding belts can be provided by us. You just have to state the dimensions and grit size you require.


Procuring of used glass machine technology

Due to our past in mechanical engineering we can assist our customers in advertising and selling their second hand machines. A purchasing and sales listing of second hand glass processing machines is kept by us. Contacts between prospective buyers and sellers are concentrated here.

We gladly take your requests for selling or purchasing. For the presentation of your second hand machines we require digital pictures, a description of the condition including faults, parameters , year of construction and obviously the name of the manufacturer and exact type.

Acquisition of spare parts for glass processing machines

Due to our short lived times (closures of factories, insolvencies and fluctuation of employees) it can be difficult to find suitable spare parts and replacements for parts subject to wear. More than 25 years experience in the glass trade enable us to by-pass shortages or find cost effective alternatives.

Below you will find a small selection of spare parts you can purchase from us:
rubber gaiter seals, sealing brushes, conveyor belts, suction cups for vacuum pads, rollers for drilling tables or other solutions, holder cones for CNC-centres, universal swivels made from aluminium, brass or steel, ball bearings, chain wheels, transport chains with pressure device and other drive systems and components. Electric switches, angular momentum sensors and pneumatic components.

We are able to supply the complete range of spare parts and replacements for parts subject to wear for machines made by the German manufacturer Bodo Gerhard from Celle.

In recent years we supplied parts for following brands:
ADA, Bavelloni, Bodo Gerhard, Bottero, Metral, Zafferani, Zanetti and numerous ISO40 cones for customary CNC centres

Ersatzteile 1

Diamond cup wheels

It is a wide spread practice to use cup wheels for working on edges, as these have the advantage of wearing out very evenly and therefore there is no necessity to have them reprofiled. There are diamond cup wheels with diameters varying from 75 to 250 mm. The wheels need to have different bores according to the type of machine being used; the height of the wheels differs also. We can provide wheels for all known brands.

Diamond cup wheels in metal bonding

Diamond wheels in metal bonding have a good stability, offer a variable amount of abrasion and good grinding performance combined with short machine processing times. According to the required type of machine and task these tools can be manufactured with varying abrasion resistance of the bonding. Usually diamond wheels are distinguished by the type of diamond coating: continuous band (homogeneous), open segmented or closed segmented and varying abrasion levels. These tools are especially suitable for thinner types of glass and mirrors (continuous band) and for thick window glass and laminated safety glass and mitre grinding (with open or closed segments).


Diamond cup wheels in resin bonding

Resin bonding has the advantage of an excellent operating speed combined with a high grinding quality. These tools can be provided with continuous band as well as open segmented or closed segmented. According to the required task, the grades can vary tremendously (for bevel grinding you would use a softer variety whereas for working on a double-edger a very hard type with a long wheel life would be more suitable).

Diamant-Topfscheiben in Kunstharzbindung

Peripheral Wheels

As with the afore mentioned cup wheels peripheral wheels can also be manufactured in either metal or resin bonding. You can choose between continuous band/rim or segmented wheels. In addition, they can be provided with a water passage.

Every possible profile may be incorporated into the diamond coating – e.g. trapezoidal edge, pencil-edge, cylindrical profile, OG-edge, waterfall edge, bull nose, mitring profile, fluted bevel, step shapes and many more... Peripheral wheels can be manufactured with diameters varying from 10 mm up to 250 mm.


For simple glass edges working with a pencil-edge wheel is still a very effective way of processing, especially for glass used in furniture, glasses in vehicles and in the solar industry. These wheels can be produced with varying diamond grades according to your requirements.


Trapezoidal profile

Numerous technically advanced products are nowadays supplied with a trapezoidal profile. The depth of the diamond section can be manufactured to the standard you require.



Modern machine centres require an extensive range of tools, radii are ever decreasing whereas the quality of edges is supposed to be improving further. We can supply the suitable tools for these demands with bore holders or R1/2“ drill point holders according to the cone holder of your machine.


Tools with bore holders

The bore of 22 mm has become standard over the previous years, nevertheless other sizes e.g. 12 mm, 25 mm, 48 mm, 50 mm and 60 mm are also being used today. According to your requirements these wheels can be manufactured with continuous band or segmented and with water passage. The standard wheels have usually an outer diameter of 40 mm up to 200 mm.

CNC Bearbeitung

Tools with R1/2” drill point holder

This holder has been in wide spread use for many years in diamond core drill bits. The thread with a cone enables you to tighten the tools while at the same time centring them. All tools have been designed to let the coolant emulsion flow through the tool. This way even a high spindle speed will not stop the water flow. This range of tools contains conventional milling cutters, milling cutters for operating on edges, diamond core drill bits, diamond core drill bits with countersink, countersinks and tools for operating on edges with small radii. Engravings can be done also.

Das Werkzeug­programm umfasst die Bereiche: Fräser, Fräser mit Kanten­bearbeitung, Bohrer, Bohrer mit Senker, Kegelsenker und die Kanten­bearbeitung für kleine Radien. Des Weiteren können auch Gravuren ausgeführt werden.

CNC Bearbeitungen

Diamond core drill bits, milling cutters and countersinks

Diamant­hohlbohrer und Kegelsenker werden in unter­schiedlichen Fertigungs­längen angeboten, damit diese an den weltweit bekannten Maschinen eingesetzt werden können. Die Bohrer sind in Längen von 75 mm oder 95 mm lieferbar. Ähnliche Längen gibt es auch für die Kegelsenker und speziellen Schleif­werkzeugen für Bohr- und Fräsportal­maschinen. Diese werden in der Masse immer mit Gewinde R ½” selbstzentrierend ausgeliefert. Es gibt auch Varianten nur mit zylindrischer Aufnahme oder anderen Gewinden.
Bohrer und Senker

Diamond core drill bits and counter sinks

Diamond core drill bits can be provided by us in different variations; usually we supply these drill bits with a highly compressed sintered diamond coating. Certain operating procedures require the use of drill bits with slots. The base of our diamond core drill bits is made of corrosion resistant brass. We also supply dressing sticks; using these the worn coating can be removed and a new layer with diamonds appears.
Diamant­hohlbohrer und Kegelsenker

Diamond milling cutters

Milling tools have been developed for working on glass surfaces. According to the thickness of the glass we recommend these products with varying numbers of segments and also with medium or coarse grit sizes. For minute radii there are so called finger milling cutters with diameters from 4,5 mm to 9,0 mm available. By using multi-purpose tools the setting up time can be reduced. These milling cutters can be used for milling and also grinding.

Diamond core drill bits with attachable countersink

To save time diamond core drill bits with countersinks can be used. This countersink can be attached to the diamond core drill bit and is adjustable to the required depth. For extreme sinking we would recommend the segmented variety of the countersink. Using this will enable you to cleanly add a deeper sinking to your bore.
Diamant­hohlbohrer mit aufsteckbarem Senkring

Reprofiling / regrinding of diamond grinding wheels

Tools that are used for processing glass in different sizes every day sometimes need to be reprofiled or regrinded respectively. This frequently applies to peripheral wheels and also countersinks and in some cases cup wheels. We can offer to clean your tools, redress them or adjust the profile to the correct shape.


Diamond tools specially designed according to customer requirements

We can arrange to manufacture specially designed tools according to your requests. Regardless if these tools are small or very large, together we will find an answer. The number of items is irrelevant.